Pale yellow in color and well balanced.  Medium malt body is balanced with hints of apricots and earthy spice.  Mild hop aroma mixes with fruity esters from the Belgian Saison yeast used.  Malt flavor is medium and provides the foundation for the overall balance.  Hop flavor and bitterness balance out the maltiness.  With a crisp effervescent, slightly tart finish.



Medium bodied, copper toned ale with a hint of toasted bread and slight caramel taste from the pale and crystal malts used.  Balancing hop bitterness and mild resinous hop aroma from the estate grown hops.



Light golden in color and pours with a dense white head.  This beer showcases an abundant tropical fruit and citrus hop aroma due to an intense dry hopping schedule using copious amounts of American hops.  A balanced malt profile rounds out these accentuated hoppy flavors and light bitterness to finish with a clean, hop bursted presence.  Light in body, low in alcohol and BIG in flavor make this a true session beer.